Licensing Agency for Luxury Brands

For the last 15 years, CODIMAGE has developped a global expertise on all subjects involving brand licensing, with more than 200 licensing contracts signed in France and internationally, as well as numerous multimedia & publishing contracts.


LICENSING EXPERTISE & ADVISING :     CODIMAGE advises its clients on their licensing strategies, brand acquisitions, as well as financial performance/execution of existant license portfolio. (see ’activité’)

For its main clients, CODIMAGE brings its experience in negotiating license contracts or partnership in France and internationally. Clients will benefit from CODIMAGE vast network of contacts at the highest level in the luxury sector.


DIRECT MANAGEMENT OF LICENSES:    CODIMAGE directly manages the licensing portfolio of a few prestigious brands (see ’marques gérées’), ensuring all functions for the brand owner: from negotiation of licensing contracts, to control of all contractual clauses with the licensees, down to invoicing and cash recovery of royalties.


With CODIMAGE, you benefit from our combined experience in luxury brands, as well as from an prime relational network, at the highest level in the luxury world


  Portraita Robert Salmon, Ex VP de l’Oréal                                   Portrait2 Jean Meillassoux, GM 



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