CODIMAGE is managing entirely 3 brands related to tourism and luxury: 

                   Cie des WAGONS-LITS (CIWL) 



These brands belong to Wagons-Lits Diffusion (pour un large choix de classes) et à l'Association French Lines.

Each year, we launch between 10 and 20 new licenses, for a total of more than 50 active licenses.


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Cie WAGONS-LITS (CIWL) since 1872:

Since 1872, famous luxury trains of Cie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL) have been travelling accross most countries in Europe.

These CIWL trains were recognizable by the golden crown with 2 lions displayed on the sides of its navy blue coaches.The Orient-Express remains the most famous of these luxury trains, together with many others like the Train Bleu, Etoile du Nord or Transsibérien

Still today, Cie des WAGONS-LITS, associated to its most famous train, the Orient-Express, is evocative of an ambiance of refinement and luxury. The brand benefits from a huge visual recognition all over the world.

Compagnie des Wagons-Lits brands, logo and related rights belong to Wagons-Lits Diffusion for a large variety of classes. 

REGISTERED BRAND: Cie WAGONS-LITS (CIWL) & historical WL logos, WLD Archive Phototheque of 20 000 photos


 PLM / Paris Lyon Méditerranée:

Since 1850, Cie PLM developped the largest train and hotel network in France, between Paris and the touristic destinations of Côte d’Azur and the French Alps. Cie des Wagons-Lits (now part of Accor) later acquired PLM to expand the hotel network worldwide.

In order to attract an international clientele of privilegied travellers, PLM ordered a vast collection of more than 800 posters, thus creating a fanstamatic vision of touristic destinations to France ’à la belle époque’.

PLM is a brand concept particularly adapted to all kinds of vintage touristic products. Some of the visuals rank among the most famous posters, recognized by a large international audience.

REGISTERED BRAND: PLM - Paris Lyon Méditerrannée




FRENCH LINE was the name given by American tourists to Cie Générale Tansatlantique, whose cruise ships ran the line from New York to Le Havre.

Association French Lines inherited from all the archives and property rights from the main French shipping companies, and its mythical ships such as SS Normandie and SS France.

Association French Lines is the most important archive center for old shipping companies, with research and conservation centers in Le Havre and Marseilles. It was awarded the prestigious label ’reconnue d’utilité publique’ from the French authorities. (c) and TM: Association French Lines