Direct Management of Licenses

For this activity, Codimage's clients are owners of luxury brands. 

 Under different types of contrats, adapted to each particular situation, CODIMAGE manages all the different ascpects of licensing contracts for the owner of the brand (see:  MARQUES GEREES / BRANDS MANAGED BY CODIMAGE )

This operating scheme, externalized to CODIMAGE, allows the owner of the brand to benefit from technical expertise that is difficult to integrate internally. This also avoids to load the company with costly fixed ressources.

Our clients can concentrate their management attention to the core of their business which is generally worlds apart from licensing idiosyncracies. Thus the brand is properly managed and generates optimal royalties.

We put in place adequate procedures and organization to ensure prospection of new contracts, negotiation of deals, contract follow-up, invoicing (in coordination with accounting dept) and cash recovery of royalties.

All prospection and deal negotiations with potential licensees are done in close cooperation with the client, consistent with the brand strategy decided at top level.



1 Compagnie des Wagons-Lits

 2 PLM / Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée

3 French Line